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Soundwave's Archive

As you can probably tell Soundwave was one of my all time favorite Transformers. He had by far the coolest voice on the show. The Soundwave toy was simply awesome too. This is my personal contribution to this great character. Please send all comments to

Soundwave's Picture Archive

Soundwave standing with Bombshell and Thundercracker
Soundwave and Starscream sitting with Megatron and Skywarp looking on
Megatron standing with Soundwave, Skywarp and Thundercracker
Soundwave standing with Thundercracker and Starscream
Megatron, Soundwave, and Thundercracker all landing
Soundwave standing with Megatron,Skywarp,Thundercracker, and Starscream
Soundwave standing on a ledge with Megatron and Starscream
Megatron gets fired at with Soundwave and Thundercracker
Soundwave standing with Starscream and Megatron
Soundwave on energy cube
Soundwave with Ravage
Soundwave releasing Laserbeak
Soundwave flying with Decepticon jets

Soundwave's Sound Archive

Megatron telling Soundwave to release Laserbeak
Spike begging to Soundwave
Decepticons arguing over who the new leader should be ...includes Soundwave
Soundwave reports the stunticons have arrived
Soundwave talking to Megatron
Soundwave giving orders to Laserbeak
Megatron asking Soundwave not to leave him
Soundwave saying that the subjects mind is completely empty
Soundwave says that they should store the energy in the space cruiser
Soundwave telling Laserbeak to prepare for flight
Attention, Megatron. Aerial reconnaissance report from Laserbeak.
Soundwave telling Megatron to pay attention
Soundwave telling Rumble, Laserbeak, Ravage to prepare for battle
Soundwave tells Ravage to prepare for operation capture
Soundwave saying a plain odl fashion EJECT
Soundwave worns Shockwave that the Autobots are escaping and then Skyfire escapes
Soundwave commands Rumble to activate his piledrivers for operation destruction
Soundwave tells Laserbeak to prepare for flight with the course heading northeast
Megatron telling Soundwave to finish him
Soundwave telling Megatron that Laserbeak has found a source of energy
Soundwave in a long conversation with Megaton about energon cubes
Soundwave tells Megatron that the space cruiser is ready and asks him for his orders
Soundwave yells Mayday!, Mayday!
Soundwave yelling for Megatron
Soundwave saying that the objective has been accomplished
Soundwave says prepare for oblivion
Soundwave tells an autobot that he is his prisoner
(Has Frank Welker's un-synthesized voice!) Soundwave says that Ratbat has returned
Soundwave says ready
Soundwave reports that the space cruiser is ready for boarding
Soundwave says as you command Megatron
Soundwave says report
Soundwave says retreat
Soundwave says silence
A conversation between Megatron and Soundwave about the Autobots
Soundwave says take them
Soundwave tells us that the strike force has been assembled
Soundwave asking if the Autobots survived
Soundwave saying that the Autobots must be terminated
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